What happens at a Lactation Consultation?

Mar 12, 2018


Many parents may be curious as to what exactly a lactation consult is like.  What on earth will be talking about for 90 minutes?   You may be surprised at how quickly that time will fly, and it is time well spent in getting answers to the many questions and concerns new parents have.  No two families are exactly alike, and every breastfeeding journey is unique!

First off, we will have a chat about how things have been going with breastfeeding and life with a new baby generally.  Usually, there is a “main issue”, like pain while feeding or concern about weight gain, which gives us a starting point for our explorations.

  • We will talk about how feeding has been going from baby’s birth.
  • We will talk about any medications, health conditions, or other things that may have an impact on milk production and breastfeeding.
  • We will both LOOK and LISTEN to baby feeding.  We can work together to ADJUST feeding position which can increase comfort and milk intake.  Parents will learn a variety of positions as part of their breastfeeding “toolkit”.
  • We will CHECK baby’s jaw and tongue movement, which can affect how well baby can feed.   If supplementation is needed, we can discuss managing this alongside or instead of breastfeeding.
  • We will then work together to make a PLAN to help sort out any issues.   A PERSONALISED CARE PLAN will be sent by email usually within 24 hours, and I am then available for support via email or phone if needed in the coming weeks.
  • We will also have TIME to talk about life with a new baby, managing sleep, breastfeeding in public, where to find support etc.

I aim to EMPOWER parents, so that by the end of the consult baby has had a good feed, and parents are happy that they have the information they need to care for their babies.  I provide a KIND and NON-JUDGEMENTAL service, providing solid information and support.

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