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Johanna is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, which is a Masters-level qualification in breastfeeding. She assists new parents who may be having feeding difficulties, providing ongoing support to them as needed, referring them to relevant professionals if required, and also teaching antenatal breastfeeding skills workshops that helps get feeding off to a smooth start.

With twenty years supporting breastfeeding mums in Clare, North Tipperary and South Galway, she has been in private practice since 2015. Her business has grown year -on-year quite organically through her Facebook page and online presence, but primarily by word-of-mouth.

Currently the only private practice Lactation Consultant in Co. Clare, Johanna offers a unique and personalised service to stressed-out and worried new parents. Clients often tell her that they feel much better having had a chance to discuss everything in a relaxed environment, and that it is a relief to have a solid plan going forward.

‘My name is Johanna Riley Cusack, a mother of two and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), recognised as the “gold standard” in breastfeeding care. I have supported breastfeeding families in Clare and Limerick since 1999, and am delighted to be able to provide breastfeeding consultations for families in their homes, or at my clinic at Advanced Chiropractic in Clarecastle on Tuesdays. Click here to book.

‘I grew up in sunny Southern California, and have made my home in Ireland since 1992. Both my daughters were born in Limerick and were my first teachers. I knew I wanted to breastfeed but had only a hazy idea as to what was involved—you just put baby up to the breast and that’s it, right?  Turns out there was plenty to learn after all, and I made plenty of mistakes in those early days.  With support and encouragement from La Leche League in Ennis, I learned quickly and found the enjoyment, convenience, and ease of breastfeeding to be a fantastic way for me to mother my babies.’

‘I went on to train as a voluntary breastfeeding counsellor and led a mother-to-mother breastfeeding group in Ennis for 12 years—a group that is still going strong!

‘In 2010, I qualified as an IBCLC, and began my private practice in 2014. I am always engaged in continuing my education via conferences, journals, and books, and I find the fantastic research about human milk, infant development, and maternal health and well-being endlessly fascinating!’

‘I consider it a real honour when invited to help families with their new babies, and having worked with hundreds of families I can say—without a doubt—that no two breastfeeding experiences are exactly the same.  I have worked with adoptive parents, twins, IVF babies, premature babies, ill babies, ill parents, low milk supply, exclusively pumping, and many other unique situations. 

‘I believe strongly in supporting families in what they want to do, meeting them where they are, and providing solid information and reassurance too. My hope is to help my clients have a happy breastfeeding experience: be it for 3 weeks, 3 months, or three years.

‘It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it.   

‘There is so much to learn when a new baby arrives, whether you are a first-time or experienced parent. With this in mind, I am also pleased to teach a 4-hour Breastfeeding Preparation Workshop every month at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Ennis Road, Limerick. The workshop is relaxed and informal, and gives expectant families all the information they need to know to help get feeding off to a smooth start.’ Click here to book.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

“It is a real honour to be invited into a family’s life during a very delicate time.”

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Happy Campers

Johanna finds that many of her clients are either second-time parents, or have been told about her services by a friend or family member.

Many delighted parents return with positive messages of support, such as the reviews you will read through this website. Some call themselves happy campers, and often thank Johanna for her support in making breastfeeding easier, along with all the other breastfeeding benefits that follow.

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Jean J


‘I attended Johanna’s preparation class prior to having my baby 9 months ago and I found the advice invaluable. I also brought my mother with me and I found this really helped her support me on my breastfeeding journey.


‘I also messaged Johanna with a query after having my baby and she was very quick to respond. Johanna really helps normalise breastfeeding and I felt very confident feeding in public thanks to her help.

‘Thanks Johanna!’

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